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In which the gang discuss housing, wokism and why the mad left are coming for your cherished town names.    *Recorded in 2021 - so promise no talk of Novax Tennis thingo 
January 17, 2022
In which the gang review the blue tick panic over cancel culture... this week's Storytime is a must read for anyone who is anyone on twitter.... apparently... #aupol 
December 14, 2021
In which the gang are scandalised by a lying politician, nonsense in the upper house and Jono is upset about religious freedom. #aupol #sigh  
November 30, 2021
The gang read an article by Education Minister Alan Tudge so you don't have to... then read it to you... so.... yeh. #auspol
November 16, 2021
Joe Hildebrand, Pru Goward and a whole lot more awful stuff... what is not to like? #auspol
November 2, 2021
In which Collin returns to his home country in the company of a former Alex Salmond staffer to talk about Scotland and America.  Sorry for no main show last week, we are recording this week with a new...
October 25, 2021
The gang test the theory that the Great Barrier Reef is not suffering from climate change and solution... and JB drags up more obscure cultural references from her childhood. #auspol #auspolsucks #GBR...
October 5, 2021
Our US correspondent, Col is joined by Californian, Amy to talk about the Californian Gubernatorial Recall, and give their passing thoughts to Texas’s new legislation. To support the right to choose i...
September 15, 2021
In which the gang... late at night... cover the best and worst of Scandinavia talking hot and stormy climates with Bjorn Lomborg and hot and horny climax with Mikael Persbrandt.  #auspol #climate #jon...
September 6, 2021
JB has not done her homework, Jono is mad at Scummo again and the team soberly weigh up the pros and cons of nuclear power. #auspol 
August 23, 2021

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